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Kenyan Athletics Training Academy
“Become a Better Runner, set new PR's and become a champion, the Kenyan Way”
Kenyan Athletics Training Lodge
"For runners of all abilities from around the world who want to enjoy an unique experience" 

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Staff athletes having lunch in our Olympic Dining Hall.  Florence Kimiti, Academy manager talking with our Staff-Athletes in our Runner's Lounge. 


Kenyan Athletics Training Academy was formerly known as UjENA Fit Club Running Camp and is located in Thika, Kenya about an hour from the International Nairobi Airport.  Thika in 2019 had a population of 280,000. The altitude is 4,937 feet. Not considered high altitude but being almost as high as Denver, Colorado (US), the area still offers altitude training benefits for athletes.  It is a very safe city and one you will enjoy.  

The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy is owned by the Double Road Race Federation (DRRF), a USA company located in Mountain View, California.  The DRRF was founded by Bob Anderson who also started Runner's World magazine in 1966 and built it to a readership to over two million before selling it in 1984.  In 2011 he started a new sport called Double Racing (Race+break+Race) and established the DRRF.  
There have been over 100 Double Road Races held around the world including in Kenya.  More are planned to be held. 


Running has always been a part of Bob Anderson's life.  He started running Feb 19, 1962.  At the age of 15 he ran a 2:08.5 880.  At the age of 53 he ran a 59:17 ten mile and in 2012 at a age of 64 Bob ran 50 races, 350.8 miles and averaged 6:59/mile.  A Long Run the movie features the event.  In 2013 he ran the Boston Marathon clocking 3:32:17 and currently at the age of 73 he is logging on average 60 miles per week. Certainly not a world class athlete but Bob's passion for athletics runs deep. 

Background: The idea for the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy began in 2013 when Bob Anderson and Catherine Cross, who later became Bob's wife, visited Thika to put on a Double Road Race Federation event. This is where Bob and Catherine met Elam Wangwero and Joel Maina Mwangi. Both elite runners and both interested in exploring ideas about starting a running camp. The ideas have changed significantly over the years but this is how it all started. Joel, a 1:00:40 half marathoner trains at the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy and Elam is one of four on site staff members.  


Coach Julius leading our athletes with stretching and exercises recently.  Bob Anderson, managing director and owner of the Academy running with some of our athletes when he visited in January 2020.  


The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy has been set up for athletes who are interested in improving, running new PR's, becoming campions, professional runners.  There are lots of training camps in Kenya, but we are unique. Besides world-class training, quality Kenyan Runner's food, relax atmosphere.  We also offer continuing educated for Kenyan athletes.  In addition we will also stage races, time trials and have weekly speakers covering everything from training ideas to diet and more.   


Our Kenyan Athletics Training Academy Staff: (Florence Kimiti, Academy Manager,  Elam Wangero, Team Manager,  Coach Julius Nyamu, head coach and Joseph Nyamu, Director of Education and Race Director with Bob Anderson, co-owner and Managing Director working from the DRRF office in Mountain View, CA USA.  Not pictured is Catherine Anderson, co-owner and Creative Director.)

Our Staff: The Kenyan Athletics Training Academy currently has four full-time staff members working at the site in Thika.  The Academy manager is Florence Kimiti.  Team manager is Elam Wangero.  Head coach is Coach Julius.  Director of  Education and Race Director is Joseph K. Ngure. There are also eight staff athletes working and living at the Academy.  Plus another eight staff-athletes living off-site. 


Our webmaster and controller is Waitman Gobble working from the DR.  Bob Anderson is CEO/Founder and owner.  Catherine Anderson is co-owner and creative director.  Both working from Mountain View, California USA. 


If you have a passion for athletics (running), we invite you to join our Kenyan Athletics Training Academy/Lodge.  We have a unique program and one you will enjoy.  We believe you will want to come back time and time again.   

Here is what we offer 
Kenyan athletes.  Boarding Athletes     

  1. Clean comfortable living conditions. We offer two types of rooms, shared rooms and private room with WC/Shower (bathroom).

  2. Quality Kenyan Runner's food and drink for high performance.

  3. World class coaching aimed at each person achieving their potential.  Of course, things do not happen overnight, and it will take weeks to achieve that level based on the athlete starting point. We offer 4, 8, 12, and 16-week programs.   

  4. Education is a very important part of what we are offering Kenyan athletes.  Our education program is being put together now.  In the meantime we will bring in speakers weekly. We are planning on having guest athletes and coaches making regular presentations, tenatively set for Thursdays.   The series will be called the "My Best Runs Become a Champion Series."  

  5. Each of our boarding athletes will get a one-hour private training session with a partner once per week.

  6. Inspiration is key to running well. Just being around elite runners is inspiration by itself, but we are also going to be regularly viewing races and other events on our big screen TV in our Runner's Lounge. Our athletes will also be able to compare notes in our Olympic Dining Hall as they enjoy a healthy runner's meal.

  7. Our Academy offers many comforts of living many athletes in Kenyan are not accustomed too. Wiffi, hot shower, gym, outside courtyard, dining hall, lounge, washer and dryer, etc. The idea is that our athletes can focus on training, getting ready for a race, being a professional runner and not on “living.”

  8. All Kenyan athletes have to put in a certain number of hours working at the camp and for education.  We feel that becoming a champion runner an athlete needs to do more than just train.  
  9. The Academy does not benefit financially in our athletes winning races.  Just like colleges do not benefit financial in their students becoming stars.  We do not manage athletes, we train athletes of all abilities.  Kenyan athletes and others from around the world who want to improve their PR's or improve as an athlete the Kenyan Way are invited to join us.

Kenyan Athletics Training Academy Off-Site Athletes:

Off-site athletes receive all the benefits of our Boarded athletes except they are not sleeping at the Academy and only breakfast (Optional) is included.  They can attend educational classes and attend our "My Best Runs Become A Champion Series." 




Kenyan Athletics Training Academy Costs (Introductory prices)

We will have two types of rooms for our boarding athletes. 

  1. Shared room.  Four to six runners will be sharing one room.  One runner in each bunk bed.  There will be rooms for male only and female only.  

  2.   Cost for a shared room is 10K KES per week (for Kenyan citizens) plus working four hours per week at the Academy.  Minimum stay is four weeks.  There are also programs for 8, 12 and 16 weeks.   Total fees need to be paid in advance. No refunds.

  3. Cost for a shared room for non-Kenyan citizens is $29US per night.  Minimum stay is one week but we recommend at least a four week stay.  Total fees need to be paid in advance.  No refunds.

  4. Private room.  One or two per room with private bathroom.  One double bed.  Rooms on first floor.

  5. Cost for a private room is 18K KES per week (for Kenyan citizens).  For two people the cost is 23K KES or 5K for the second person.  Minimum stay is four weeks. One double bed.  No refunds.

  6. Cost for a private room with WC/Shower for non-Kenyan citizens is $46US per night.  Second or third person is $14 per person per night. Minimum stay is one week but we recommend at least a four week stay.  Total fees need to be paid in advance. No refunds.  These rooms can be booked by Kenyan athletes or be booked by other runners from around the world.  

Kenyan Athletics Training Academy Off-Site Athletes

There is one plan for our Off-Site Athletes both Kenyan Citizens and all others.  They get their breakfast and all the other benefits at the Academy, but they do not get lunch or dinner, nor can they sleep at the Academy.  The price will be 4K KES or $49US per week (Monday to Sunday).  Must sign up for at least four weeks and must be paid in advance.  

Kenyan Athletics Lodge (First Floor Private Rooms and Second floor Superior Room)

 We have two superior rooms on the second floor.  These are the best rooms we have and if rated would be something like a three star room or maybe even four star. We have six private rooms on the first floor (details above).   


For Kenyan Citizens: The cost is 8K KES per night or 35k KES per week for first person.  Second or third guest (kid) are 4K KES per night extra. These guests will get the same three meals per day, coaching, and other benefits other than attending the educational classes.


For non-Kenyan Citizens:  The cost is $72US per night for first person.  Second or third guest is $15US per night. These guests will get the same three meals per day, coaching, and other benefits other than attending the educational classes.



General Information


All prices include all fees and taxes.  These prices also include transport (for our guests) to and from the Nairobi International Airport as long as you book for at least four weeks.  Otherwise the cost is $50US for round trip.    Our grand opening is set for September 1, 2021 however we are accepting athletes starting July 4th.  There will be a few things not finished then but mostly we are ready to welcome you.  World-class training and our first class Kenyan Athletics Diet is all set.


Here is a map to our location:


For additional information email Bob Anderson at  or call Florence Kimiti at the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy in Thika, Kenya 254-729074388   Space is limited so get booked today! Click Here to reserve your spot.  

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