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Kenyan Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika Kenya (one hour outside of Nairobi) is a one-of-a-kind Running Retreat.  Our KATA staff Kenyan athletes are training to become professional runners (some already are) and to help our guests achieve their goals.

Learn to run like a Kenyan Ahtlete when you join our KATA Running program  

Come train with us.  KATA has six private rooms for guests each with a double bed and private bath with a shower.  KATA has a total of 26 rooms including staff athletes rooms, office, massage room, Runners Lounge with large TV screen, Olympic Dining Hall, Laundry room, Kitchen and court yard.  


The KATA Running Retreat is solely set up for athletes who are interested in improving their times, running new PR's, becoming campions or becoming a professional runner.  "We offer world-class training, quality Kenyan runner's food in a relaxed inspirational atmosphere," says Director/Owner Bob Anderson. 

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(Photos) Bob Anderson with onsite KATA manager Florence Kimiti.  Guest runners Nahim and Max relazing in our KATA Olympic Dining Hall.

"We offer training programs for 100m to the Ultra Marathon" says KATA's onsite senior AK coach John..  "We will work with you and help you achieve your goals."  We have three full time coaches: Coach John is our head Coach.  Coach Julius is our sprint coach and Coach Joseph is our middle distance coach. 

At any one time 20-28 Kenyan KATA staff runners are training at KATA. Most live and eat at KATA while others live nearby. These Kenyan athletes set the style of KATA as they work hard to become better runners and help and support our guests.

"This is your chance to Train the Kenyan Way," says life-time runner Bob Anderson. "With all the success Kenyan runners are having and with the success non-Kenyan runners training in Kenya have had, we wanted to make it easy for others to experience this amazing opportunity."  All you need is a passport and an airline ticket to Nairobi, Kenya. KATA will take care of everything else including picking you up at the airport. 

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KATA offers an all-inclusive package for our guests. 
You will be provided a private room with a double bed, private bathroom in your room with a shower, three meals a day (Kenyan runner's diet), and most importantly world class coaching. You can also bring a guest who can room with you.  Our price is per person since we offer an all inclusive package. The cost is just $375US per week with a two week minimum stay.  


(Above photo) Out for a training run not far from KATA (Right)(Director/owner and lifetime runner Bob Anderson getting in five miles (8K) with KATA athletes.

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The KATA Running Retreat founder is Bob Anderson (working from his office in Mountain View, California USA) started Runner's World magazine in 1966 at age 17 and built it to a readership to over two and a half million before selling RW in 1984 to Rodale Press.

Running has always been a part of Bob Anderson's life.  He started running Feb 19, 1962.  At the age of 15 he ran a 2:08.5 880.  At the age of 53 he ran a 59:17 ten mile and in 2012 at a age of 64 Bob ran 50 races, 350.8 miles and averaged 6:59/mile.  A Long Run the movie features Bob Anderson and his 50-race challenge. 

In 2013 Bob ran the Boston Marathon clocking 3:32:17 and currently at the age of 75 is able to race 10k under 50 minutes and 5k under 24:30. Certainly not a world class athlete but Bob's passion for athletics runs deep.    

KATA TRAINING IS LEAD BY Coach John (distance) Coach Julius (sprints) and Coach Joseph (middle distance):






Our KATA Running Retreat Staff: (Florence Kimiti, Academy Manager,  Elam Wangero, Team Manager,  Coach John, head coach with Bob Anderson, co-owner and Managing Director working from his office in Mountain View, CA USA.  Not pictured is Catherine Anderson, co-owner and Creative Director.





Each paid guest will be provided a private room with a double bed. Daily housekeeping is provided and weekly laundry.  

Here is what KATA offers our guests:

1. Clean comfortable living conditions.

2. Quality Kenyan Runner's food and drink for high performance.

3. World class coaching aimed at each person achieving their potential.  Of course, things do not happen overnight, and it will take weeks to achieve that level based on the athlete starting point.   

4. Inspiration is key to running well. Just being around elite runners is inspiration by itself.  

5. Even if you can come for just two weeks, we will make sure you will take home the knowledge of how to train the Kenyan way.  

6. Our programs are set up to help jump start your training so you can move to the next level. 

7. Most importantly is we want you to have an amazing time at KATA.  The feedback from our guests so far have supported this.




Our team is here to help make your stay an awarding and pleasant one.  


Here is a map to our location:


For additional information email Bob Anderson at  or reach Bob Anderson on WhatsApp at 650-400-6643 or call Florence Kimiti (KATA on site manager) at the Kenyan Athletics Training Academy in Thika, Kenya 254-729074388   

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Men's 10K KATA Monthly Time Trial Series

October 18, 2023 #26 Thika Kenya
A Long Run (The Movie)

Feature Length Documentary by KATA Director Bob Anderson

KATA HAS ONE GOAL - "We will help you become a champion by offering world-class coaching, a clean relaxed inspiring atmosphere and the encouragement needed to reach your goals," Bob Anderson Director KATA Running Retreat and lifetime runner.

We offer side trips for our guests at a very reasonable price.  Like a safari trip.  One of our paid guests Nahim from Texas wanted to see some wild animals.  He saw these animals and more during his first weekend at KATA June 17, 2023.  Nahim likes the 5000m and wanted to improve his 14:32PR and experience the Kenyan Way of Training.  Join us!